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Financial Statement Reviews and Compilations

Reviews – Financial statement reviews are performed by utilizing inquires of management and analytical procedures that provide limited assurance that meet the needs of the client and financial statement users. A review of a financial statement may be a more economical alternative to performing a financial statement audit. A review is also substantially less in scope than an audit in accordance with generally accepted accounting standards.

Compilations – A compilation is the collection and presentation of financial information in the form of financial statements without the expression of assurance (ie. balance sheet, income statement, and statement of cash flows). Compilations are designed for private companies that do not have the need for audited or reviewed financial statements. Compilations are frequently prepared on an interim basis, monthly or quarterly, as well as annually.

Projections – Are you starting up a new business or seeking to expand? Then the preparation of prospective financial statements that present an expected financial position given one or more hypothetical assumptions may suit your needs. Projections may also include the presentation of anticipated results of operations and cash flows.

Forecasts – Preparation of prospective financial statements that present the expected financial position, results of operations and cash flows.

Agreed Upon Procedures – Performance of and reporting on agreed upon procedures and findings allows us to tailor our focus and efforts on your specific issues of concern to management and to third-party users. As a result, these engagements can be a cost-effective service to meet your needs.

Litigation Support – We provide assistance to attorneys on accounting, tax, and other financial matters.


Accurate and timely bookkeeping is the backbone of a successful business. SWA provides a range of comprehensive bookkeeping services such as monthly or quarterly compiled financial statements, bank reconciliations, general ledger, financial graphs and budgets… we are here to help you manage your business’ financial records. We also double as your for-hire CFO. You’ll get CFO advice and expertise that won’t cost you a CFO salary.

We understand that the tasks of managing bank reconciliations and maintaining your general ledger can be a time-consuming, administrative headache – we want you to focus on growing your business and let us take care of this burden. You may realize or have even experienced, bookkeeping errors can be costly and time consuming. Leave your bookkeeping to the experienced accounting professionals who understand the complexities of record keeping.

Just think about it… our bookkeeping services can help you improve your business’ overall financial health, spot opportunities for increased profitability, and better manage your cash flow… all without the headache.

QuickBooks Support

If you are like most businesses, you have discovered the power of QuickBooks financial software in helping you run your business. But are you getting the most out of this tool to gain the maximum benefit for your company? And is the time you spend in the back office time that could be better spent interacting with clients?

At SWA our QuickBooks specialists provide guidance from the installation and initial setup of your QuickBooks to tailoring it to meet your exact business requirements. Need a little clean up? No problem. We can assist you in correcting setup issues or help you address data integrity questions. Then to keep your business running smooth we provide QuickBooks health check-ups and customized training to help you become proficient with QuickBooks.

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