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Americans Lack Obamacare Understanding

A Wall Street Journal/NBC News pollĀ has found many Americans don’t understand the Affordable Care Act and don’t think it will help them. The poll revealed that even those lacking health insurance generally believe it wouldn’t do them much good. Overall, nearly 70% of respondents said they didn’t understand the health-care overhaul passed by Democrats in March 2010 or only understood a part of it. Only 31% said they thought the overhaul was a good idea, with 44% saying it was a bad idea and 25% saying they didn’t have an opinion or weren’t sure. New health-insurance exchanges where people can shop for individual insurance plans and apply for subsidies toward the cost of premiums has been open for enrollment since October 1. Among the uninsured, 76% of respondents said they didn’t understand the law and how it would affect them. Only 32% of the uninsured thought they were “fairly” or “very” likely to use the exchanges. That proportion was even lower among people who are currently getting insurance on the individual market. Of those, 23% believed they would use the exchanges.

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January 8, 2016


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