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Business Entities

In a world where tax laws are always changing you don’t want to put your business at risk with non-compliance. And believe us when we say, keeping up on the ever changing tax laws can be a full time job. It’s just a good thing we love it… our certified public accountants keep up to date with these changes to help keep your business on track and keep you educated.

Saunders, Wangsgard and Associates offers a full complement of tax planning and compliance services for privately held companies including Corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, trusts, estates, and sole proprietorships.

Our proactive approach focuses on identifying opportunities to minimize your tax liability and manage your tax risk; ultimately helping you improve your bottom line.


At SWA we take pride in making sure you receive the personalized tax care you deserve. You’ll never be just a number or drop-off to us. We love sitting down with each and every client to discuss your individual tax needs. We make sure we are up to date on all new tax laws to provide you with the guidance to legally minimize your tax liability and maximize your refund.


Don’t spend your time worrying about today’s complex tax laws and government-required reporting procedures. Let SWA take the pain out of your payroll management. No matter how large or how small, your company can benefit from having an outside payroll service. Our SWAT specialists are ready to help you with your payroll needs today.

Our payroll department offers: employee benefit consulting, check writing, direct deposit, management reports, tax filings, including Federal and State quarterly filings, state unemployment wage reporting, , garnishment management, and year-end reporting, including W-2s, W-3s, 1099s and 1096s,.

Give us a call to see how we can help with your payroll needs.


Let the SWAT professionals help you understand how your property tax requirements impact your tax situation. At SWA we offer a range of property tax compliance and consulting services to ensure that your personal property tax return is filed properly.

Saunders, Wangsgard & Associates will conduct an in-depth review of your assets and inquire of any changes to make certain that you comply with the requirements established by your county and make certain that you are not paying on property not placed in service or removed from service.


Dealing with the IRS about your tax issues is simply stressful. Ease your anxiety by having an experienced CPA in your corner to ensure that your tax issues can be resolved. Saunders, Wangsgard & Associates can help make sure that you know your rights, privileges or liabilities under the laws and regulations administered by tax agencies. We will provide you with the guidance you need in responding to notices or be there with you (or for you) if you need representation at a hearing. If you are trying to avoid dealing with the IRS or your state tax agency, don’t put it off any longer, call SWA today and let us help get things resolved and ease your stress.

Sales & Use

Almost every business is impacted by sales and use taxes and managing these can be a very difficult task in today’s ever changing environment. Each state, and city within that state, has a different attitude towards its sales tax rate or its application making it more complex to identify and document these obligations.

The SWAT professionals can help you in navigating through this mine-field providing your company assistance in the areas of compliance, audit management, research and overpayment reviews.


If you do business with more than one state, your tax liability may not be limited to just the state you reside or do business in. Saunders, Wangsgard & Associates can help you make sense of it all and file multi-state, resident, and non-resident returns; coordinate your deductions and credits to maximize your tax savings. We’ll help you find every possible deduction and credit so that you receive the greatest benefit no matter how many states you have to file in.

Estate & Trust

There is so much more to estate planning then simply having a will in place. SWA can provide proper estate planning needs and help file your estate and trust income tax returns; reducing any additional distress and burden of taxes left to your heirs.

Planning for the Future

Let us help you find that peace of mind in making sure that your estate plans are up to date with the current tax laws now and for the future. Our goal is to help you plan for those difficult decisions of leaving assets to your loved ones. SWA will ensure the appropriate tools are in place to facilitate the transfer of your assets to the intended recipients with the least amount of difficulty, administrative costs, and taxes, while assuring that your wishes are carried out.

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